Do i need an APP or a Website for my Business?......Probably Both!

Do i need an APP or a Website for my Business?......Probably Both!

So website or app, whats it going to be, do you want to provide a service that attracts local, a wider market maybe? What generation are you targeting?

will they be using it mostly on their phones or pc? What type of service is it? IOS, ANDROID or Windows?

These are the questions you should be asking. Creating your online presence is not a simple things unless you or your product is in high demand and you have a dedicated social following. Influencers are the ones who can make it fast online. Due to their constant exposure online and continuous content, these are the ideal candidates for making a successful business online. Not saying anyone can do it....Just that for someone with no online presence, the work to get online can be harder and take longer to work. But thats simply because the influencers have been doing that leg work fro a while.

So why a website still, surely everyone is on their mobile and buying. Well....yeah, kind've...Mobile sales have increased 80% but it still doesn't mean an app. you can create a fast responsive mobile site that has all the features of an app and is easier to promote through the world wide web. Websites carry a wealth of back end functionality to enable your business to adapt with technology to enhance customer service and build stronger foundations. Don't forget that a vast majority of people still use PC's almost everyday. So a website can plant right where they are without any need for installations.

An app serves great benefits as it provides you with a better element of control over how you want things to function. it provides a singe direct point of interaction and can filter away a-lot of distractions when competing against a website. less cluttered space allows for more interactive UI & UX. Add those great benefits with a more bespoke environment and you've got a recipe for a great app!

Apps can serve as a business protocol. A function or a marketplace. this is how you get involved with marketing your application, WHATS ITS PURPOSE? ....

A great way to market a MOBILE APPLICATION is.....A website! - a simple yet efficient site that is unique will draw in the clients to get the app and better understand its purpose through videos , content, imagery and a CTA (call to action) - Using the site can point to multiple locations that may be popular and reviews online from content creators can be used as a solid backlink. So by having both can bring incredible benefits long term for promotion and visibility.

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