When i was a young West Midlands Nippa! I looked at all business owners in awe, I was like "These guys know how to handle themselves, they look strong and independent and help others". I wanted to run my own company for YEEAARRS!...(seriously......i mean it). I tried telling myself i shouldn't, everyone else was telling me to stick at my job/s. I was feeling under-confident and couldn't see what i see now! And now i see it for what it is, ill never look back. Using tools ive been blessed with by mentors and friends and my own intuition and self belief, i feel like ive risen to a new way of thinking. i'm running my own business now with team members around the world building up a small empire that i can then use to help others more and give back to humanity. I feel its not the strongest its been and more is needed to heal the past wounds we as human beings have created.

Now going it on my own with my imperfections was tough but thats where i like to learn from, tough situations. "They break me to make me" as they say, i take challenge on and send myself crazy for a short while doing it. its not pretty but in the end you'll see the result and solution. Ive got some tips to help reduce the negative energy and i want to share from an unorthodox perspective, my attention span is still that of a kippa at times but i'm happily managing my clients , serving my team while being humble and relaxed inside (The key is to be calm inside no matter what hits you).

If your the leader of a business then i understand that stress is hard to beat, but its something that is worth beating i assure you. SIMPLY PUT - YOUR NOT YOURSELF WHEN YOUR STRESSED....Yes that sounds like a slogan we've all heard in many forms but i'm serious. Your just a vessel for stress to live when it sticks. I really apply spiritual methods to help me clear stress and help reduce the triggers that set my initial impulse to react. Being a fiery , independent soul, i LOVE to challenge and question a lot. It allows me to remain open minded if problems need solving. But it is a deterrent in initial conversations which can dilute my social interactions or pitches, This 'issue' of mine was a tough and is still a tough one to break. But Patience is the answer and every-time i apply patience to the scenarios that frankly piss me off i end up with the desired result i was asking for. Not instantly but eventually. thats the important message to note...."Eventually with patience, it will come".

We do have days when we wake up hating life and the choice we made to punish ourselves daily for our stupid dream we made up in our heads haha! BUT - those stupid dreams made a man fly . made a women free . saved a race . created miracles, So don't play them down. When those days of stress rise its a time to slow the pace and understand what has got you in a mix. meditation is extremely helpful, i do it for about an hour a day. going inward to sort my stress out and release it. (i picture violet light healing the stress away). sitting in your thoughts allows you to clear what is necessary for you to move to the next stage. it can be uncomfortable at times but sit through it and i assure you will feel lighter afterwards.

Another great trick i do when i'm on my own. Do something creative. At my most stressful ive made some awesome music and spending hours editing and mixing the track releases all my bad energy and allows me to revisit the situation with a clearer head.Cooking food is also a mini way of helping you keep calm. Preparing the food and cooking it from scratch can take 1 hour our of your day, but recharge a days worth of energy to make you more productive.

So these ways i use everyday and as much as i can. When building a business , remaining calm is the key factor while to eb an flow to success.

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