These 3 things will Restore Faith in Humanity!

in these times of need , humanity rises from its smog and presents an opportunity for us all to get out there and help again with tremendous spirit. This leads to a new wave of creativity, a splash of dashing colours on a once grey pallet, A wonder of design and ingenuity. So iv'e taken the time to find 10 great things that we Humans have made in the last few days!

1. "Invention lets rotting veggies make a greener world" - Peter Grad @ tech Xplore

An incredible 27-year-old student at the Philippines Mapua University in Manila extracted organic luminescent compounds from rotting fruits and vegetables and suspended them in a resin compound. Ultraviolet light passing thought the resin is converted into visible light. And unlike solar panels, Maigue's device, called Aureus, does not need to face the sun since it can effectively use ultraviolet light that is dispersed and scattered off of surfaces. A M A Z I N G

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2. SpaceX Crew Dragon launches 4 astronauts to space station in 1st operational flight for NASA

Elon strikes again but this time with ground shaking achievements again, a 4 man SpaceX crew recently took their first maiden flight a few days ago. Amy Thompson form quoted - "SpaceX has officially begun space taxi missions for NASA".

Now this is a first on intendant space manufacture soil and certainly boosting rights to the others. I can imagine Amazons new Space Company "Blue Origin" getting a bit envious for a while. Elon has stole the limelight for sure. Multiple operations including the majorly ambitious Global Internet service have kept Elon in the media spotlight for months throughout 2020."

Maybe when were all on mars there will be a Tesla City!!.

Space flight over the next 5 years will demonstrate the full advancements of modern technology and even how we thrust rockets into the air. NASA and SPACE X are looking at new ways of fuelling rockets by charging electrons!....The Jetsons here we COME!

3. GB Makes a Huge Preservation Area Protecting MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of wildlife!

"Spanning 265,347 square miles, Tristan da Cunha is almost three times as big as the island of Great Britain, and will protect tens of millions of native and migratory birds, rare migratory sharks, whales, seals, golden undersea forests of kelp, and penguins—collectively valued as a UNESCO World Heritage Site—from illegal mining, fishing, and other extractive activities.

The government of the small UK territorial island announced on Thursday that, in partnership with the UK government, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, and National Geographic’s Pristine Seas Initiative, it would conserve its surrounding oceans to help achieve the goal to “secure protection of 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030.”


Keep happy and remember that theres plenty of good and great things happening, Maybe you can be a part of it and make something great happen today.

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