Turn your Website into a Lead Engine!

To those who have already got their awesome site setup & looking swag. Evolve it into a constant money maker!

If you have daily traffic coming in, SEO setup right and orders trickling in then you can turn your already working site to a SALES masterpiece! with todays proven methods of getting high engaged traffic you can create a platform that delivery high sales and low waste. Here are a few simple things you can try today to get better results.

Landing Pages That Share The Message As Your Ads!

If you've made a high traction ad with a great message then the last thing you want to do is present them with an unfocused landing page to distort the customers buying trial. If they have brought into the message in your advertisement then looking to replicate that on your site is essential. For example a new range of clothing. The link shouldn't go tot the homepage with a few images of a new collection. It should go to a highly focused page showcasing the range in an attractive and eye catching way. your sales will EXPLODE!

setup landing pages for any message you set , wether its the mission statement, the service headline or the new product. Make sure you are focusing all their attention on the specific products. Get them lost and they may not buy at all!

Focused Contact Forms & Instant chat can make you Millions!

Again something we all have a contact form or submission page somewhere on our site, but how focused is the user in getting in touch, are they focused enough to go there themselves , Highly unlikely, however with a fluent message that connects to them finding out more will give you a higher chance of someone getting in touch.

Once someone gets in contact then you have their attention, how you respond is key. Ensure your effectively communicating with your potential clients. Everyone wants to be treated uniquely so as questions more personally to better understand their needs. I assure you they will respond. Maybe not the first time. But you will hear from them again.

Chat Widgets are amazing for right there right now communications, having platforms like WhatsApp chat enabled on the site are key to direct contact and instant communication. These tools are a must as you not only get a chance to make a sale , you also gain a following that can help bring in multiple opportunities.

Adapt to the viewers wants and enhance on what they like

Right you've got a social following...your views are coming in....now what?

Firstly, get SEO setup, its an essential for growing sites and business's . You can hire a pro to help build it or you can learn the basics and build the platform yourself. Being in the know about these things are again, a must have for any new website. Simply because it helps show what your website is doing and wether its working.

you can view each page and its views , including duration and behaviours. Track the success of each page and for eccomerce. Know what are the most popular products are on your page. you may just find out that your fasting seller isn't the one the people look at the most. You may need to up your content, imagery or service to pull in the sale. Reducing the price to be more competitive may also help.

Only by having this essential information can you pull out the big hits!! Give these a try, bit if you want extra help. Let us know. We can build websites, apps. We can refresh pages. Provide a full report on your site. Optimise and SEO through google and ad-word campaigns if necessary for the results you desire. HAVE FUN!

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